COMP Scientific Advisory Board meeting

COMP is an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence with a Scientific Advisory Board that reviews and evaluates the work of the Centre.

On Friday 13 October 2017, we will once again welcome our SAB members to the COMP All-Day Seminar. For more information: Final COMP Seminar.

Previous SAB Meetings 

On Wednesday 18 May 2016, representatives from the Academy and our SAB members visited Aalto University. Thank you for your contributions to our Center!


09:30 Opening words and QD – Päivi Törmä

10:00 EPM – Martti Puska

10:15 MSP – Tapio Ala-Nissilä

10:30 Coffee break and COMP Video

10:45 CEST – Patrick Rinke

11:00 CHEM – Kari Laasonen

11:15 SIN – Adam Foster

11:30 Lunch break 

12:45 Continuing words and CSM – Mikko Alava

13:00 CSMM – Olga Lopez Acevedo

13:15 M&MM – Jaakko Akola

13:30 Coffee break and social media slides

13:45 QMP – Ari Harju

14:00 QCD – Mikko Möttönen

14:15 Discussion

16:00 Poster presentations 

COMP Y-Wing corridor 

18:00 Formal programme ends

19:00 Dinner

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